Saturday, April 7, 2007

The First of Many

I finished the ballband dishcloth today. I did a few report cards, knit a few rows. Did a few more report cards, knit a few more rows. Finished the report cards, finished the dishcloth. Such a great feeling of accomplishment! Love it! It's the first dishcloth of many. It was quick, easy, and fun - my favorite kind of project. I'm already picking colors for the next one. I'll give this one to my sister Kathy tomorrow. Our Easter get-together is at her house. It's hard to give away the first, but I do love to give away the things I knit. I especially like when I see the recipient using and loving what I made for them.

Last year, I made a felted bag out of some beautiful hand-dyed wool that I had bought as a grab-bag at a craft show. There were two skeins of yarn with gorgeous shades of pinks and greens. I made up my own pattern, crocheting a circular bottom and knitting up the sides. I finished it with 8 holes and threaded a an i-cord strap through to cinch it closed. After I felted it, I couldn't believe how amazing the colors looked. The bag looked like a Monet painting. My sister Kim loved it, so as painful as it was for me to let it go, I gave it to her. She has used it nearly every day since. She replaced the felted i-cord strap with a leather strap from another purse, and it looks so good. It's her Monet bag and she loves it. I get the warm fuzzies every time I see her using it.

I've taken pictures of some of the other felted bags I've made, so I'll do a little show and tell soon. I'll have to take a picture of the Monet bag to show, too.


Marianne said...

Great dishcloth! I can't stop making them - I love their combination of quick-knittedness and usefulness!

KnelleyBelley said...

Thanks, Marianne! I'm almost done with my next one. I'm hooked.