Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Look What I Can Do!

Here it is at the almost-done point. A few more decreases to go.

Decreases done. Ready for kitchener stitch/grafting. Consulted various resources including my Complete Idiot's Guide to Knitting and Crocheting (page 245). Great instructions.

Ta da!

I did it! I made a real live grown-up's sock.

It might not be the most perfect sock in the world, but it's my sock and I love it like it's my child. I learned a lot by following the Yarn Harlot's sock recipe. I think it was such a good way to start, rather than just following a pattern. I understand the construction of the sock. I get it. I can't wait to do the next one. I'm on the fence as to whether or not the next one will be the mate to this one, or if I'll try a Monkey . . .

. . . As I look at the sock on my foot right now, I'm feeling a little guilty. I think my sock might need a sister. It's probably not much fun to be an only sock. Sure, sure, you'd get a lot of attention and you'd be a little spoiled. My son can attest to that. But it would also be nice to have someone to hang out with and share secrets with when you're folded in the drawer or bunched up in the laundry basket. Better cast on.

Did I tell you I made a sock?


acambras said...

That looks awesome! (Do people still say awesome?)

Can't wait until Thursday night "show-and-tell!"


Kelly said...

That sock is just beautiful...and you could have fooled me because it *does* look perfect, LOL! Great, great work on your first sock. And you did it so quickly!
Now, what are you going to be working on at the Yarn Harlot's talk? The mate? Or the monkey?

anphoe said...

Cute sock!!!
As I told you, Monkey will be my next socks project, maybe we can have a small KAL :)