Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Still Loving These

I just turned the heel on my Soxx Appeal modified Monkeys. I love these. I love them so much that each time I knit a few more rounds or rows, I have to try them on. It's really slowing my progress, but I can't help myself. Love these.

Here's another thing I love. Emmie. It looks like she put herself in kitty jail. She was really just waiting for me to come out of the bathroom where I was drying my hair. She hates when I go in there and close her out. She has to wait for me right outside. At least she made herself comfortable.
Another thing I love . . . spending time with my sisters. I met them for dinner tonight - just the 3 of us. We don't do that nearly enough. Love them. They're NOT sistey uglers.*

*Look what I found!


anphoe said...

your modified Monkey is looking good. Are you bring them with you to SnB tomorrow night? pleassssse? :D

KnelleyBelley said...

I won't leave home without it! Thanks!

Kelly said...

Hey! Nice socks! And nice cat too! That's so nice that you got to spend time with your sisters, sounds like you really enjoyed it! See you at SnB! With socks on, right?? :)

Anonymous said...

Emmie is a very cute inmate. My BabyCatz also waits for me outside the bathroom door,a nd I get a ick out of her little paws sliding under the closed door.

KnelleyBelley said...

Kelly - I'll be there with socks on - and pants, a shirt. Don't want to scare anyone off.

Sheila - Why don't we just let our cats come in to the bathroom with us? My son will only take a shower with Emmie in the bathroom with him. She loves to hang out in there.

Nan said...

First of all.... what an adorable kitty!! What can I say, besides knitting and crafting, I love my kitties! I just love this picture of your kitty on the chair, it's just too cute.

I just cast on for my first pair of monkey socks, been meaning to do it, and when I did just about 2 hours ago, I realized I was breaking my promise to myself not to start any more projects till I finished more of the UFO's laying about, oh well.... it can't be helped, one can only be with out their sock knitting for so long and I just finished my last pair, so a promise breaker I am, at least to myself!