Sunday, November 11, 2007

This Post is Brought to You by the Letter A

A is for AVOIDANCE. I am playing a game of hide'n seek from my parent/teacher conference preparation by knitting, shopping, watching lots of TV shows I DVR'd, and knitting some more. Look at the progress on the Candle Flame Shawl:

A is for AMAZING. I'm amazed at the beauty of this shawl and I'm amazed that I haven't messed it up again. I love the way it's growing quickly and I might just have to keep it on my lap during conferences. If I get tongue-tied, I'll just hold it up and say, "Look what I can do."

A is for ADDICTIVE. I put my knitting A.D.H.D. to good use by trying out the magic loop method of knitting a sock. Yowza. I love it. Look!

I'm using Moda Dea Washable Wool in Coffee and I'm knitting a version of Knitty's Thuja pattern. It's easy, but has a little oomph. Here's another look:

Maybe I'll keep this in my pocket at conferences so if the shawl doesn't impress, I have a back-up.

A is for AWFUL. That's the way the black jeans I bought last week at Macy's smelled. I had picked out a nice-looking pair of simple black jeans. They fit me well and I was happy. I brought them home and tried them on again. Hmmm . . . what's that smell? I wondered. It was my pants. They smelled like sulfur. No, really. Sulfur. I threw them in the wash with my new fruity-scented laundry detergent that makes all of my laundry smell edible. Still, they smelled. I had taken the tags off, so I was a little nervous about the attitude I might get when I tried to return them. Yesterday, during my avoidance game, I went back to Macy's. Before I went to the counter, I grabbed a new pair off the rack and brought them with me to the cash register as proof of the smelliness they had before I washed them. Much to my delight, I watched two of the sales people smell both pairs of jeans and pronounce them, "Eew." I was refunded, found a new odor-free pair of black jeans, and bought them. So if you ever have smelly pants, you can return them. You should never have to keep a pair of smelly pants.

A is for AW, CRAP. I just realized that I won't be able to make it to SnB on Thursday night. It's a conference night. Crappity crap crap. Thanks, friends, for missing me last Thursday. I missed you back. Please miss me even more this Thursday and have a Portabello and Mozzarella Panini for me. Hold Katie in your lap and work hard to make her smile. Pet other people's yarn and make a few inappropriate wisecracks. It might be a while until I see you again, so please hold a seat for me! Miss you!

A is for ADIOS.


acambras said...

This post also brought to you by the number 3 -- 3 weeks we'll go without seeing you, since next Thursday is Thanksgiving. :-( Don't get me wrong -- Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays (no shopping, obscene amounts of food, and a nice long nap!), but we'll miss you until December. (:-)


JennM said...

A+ for the progress you have made on the shawl! You're going to like the Thuja pattern. It's the pattern I'm using for the Purple Haze socks (and no, I STILL have not cast on the second one). Good luck on the parent/teacher conferences. Sounds like you're gonna need it!!


jennsquared said...

I love the Thuja pattern! It was my first pair of socks! I was so impressed with myself I think I giggled when I completed my first sock.

I haven't been able to go on Thursday either so I'm missing everyone also.

The shawl is looking gorgeous!

costumechick said...

Boo. No knelly next week. I'm off to do my best 3rd grade pout. Couldn't they have PT conferences at Panera?

mad knitter said...

Aw man, I can't believe that you won't be able to come to SnB again!I am missing you :(. Hey, lovely work on that shawl! The pattern is so beautiful!!!

I have your AVON stuff...write me at if you would like it before the 29th. I'm happy to make a delivery anywhere :).

Kathy said...

As usual...note the "A" laugh for the week! Can't wait to hear how your conferences went...and I'm sure you didn't need to take your vice with you!! Love ya!