Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monkey Business Revisited

After looking at my lone no-purl Monkey perched on a beer bottle and resting on a shelf of my yarn wall, I decided that today was the day to start its long awaited twin. I cast on and began to knit magic loop style and I'm all excited about knitting this sock again.

As I knit, I kept comparing the slowly forming twin to its sibling and saw a difference I didn't like. Hmmm. I tried the first born sock on. As I suspected. It was loose. The K2P2 rib at the cuff looked to be already stretched out before I tried it on and feeling it around my ankle confirmed that it was too loose. I'd knit the first sock a while back on dpns and was less than masterful as I knit the ribbing. I remember fumbling with the dpns while getting the sock started - always have trouble getting things going on dpns. Once I have an inch done, I'm good, but that first inch is iffy. I'm much better with magic loop. So I did this:

I frogged the monkey. What fun! I turned that crank on my ball winder like a mad woman and watched that sock unknit itself. I threw my head back and cackled, and . . . No I didn't. I'm not that nuts. I giggled silently - inside my own head. No one watching me would have guessed how delighted I was watching that yarn go back into a ball. There was no pain in frogging. I figured that if I'm going to knit a new one after all this time, I might as well knit two. I'm up for it.

And in case you're wondering, Emmie is still being a good momma to her baby.



Erin said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! But now I'm sick. ugh. I'm happy you started on the monkeys again, even though one was more of a frog. I had never thought to frog directly onto a ball winder. That's genius, and so much better than my usual method, which involves unraveling by hand and lots of swearing. :)

jennsquared said...

Nice! Maybe I'll start that monkey with you tomorrow! Oh wait... I need to finish my shawl, or the Schaefer project... Oh Man!

WifeMomKnitter said...

I have to second Erin....I somehow ended up with a cold! I am so proud that you were brave enough to frog the Monkey (and start the second sock!)