Monday, March 24, 2008

Knelley's Addiction

I'm hooked. How could I not be? Look at this!

It's my new favorite thing. I love this tiny sock. Love it. I used a different pattern this time - Cidermoon's Tiny Socks. I knit a few extra rounds of ribbing at the cuff, but then I followed the pattern exactly. I can't wait to go knit another.

No school for me today. I'm home with my sick boy. He has the flu, but has such a rotten sore throat that I had to take him to the doctor to be sure he doesn't have strep. No strep.

We're so sick of the flu. It's been getting lot of people we know - and it knocked me on my backside for days a few weeks ago. To mark our displeasure with the flu, some of my SnB girls challenged me to write a flu limerick. I'll share it will all of you, too.

It's torture – this horrible flu.
Makes everyone feel like dog doo.
The whole body hurts. Ouch
Can not get off the couch.
Oh when will flu season be through?

Hope my little knitting girls at school haven't tied up the substitute teacher with their tangled yarn.


Emily said...

I love how the self-patterning came out!

jennsquared said...

That's a great pattern! So cute! :)

Erin said...

That is such a cute little sock! I love it. I hope your boy gets better soon!

WifeMomKnitter said...

Brava, Knelley on the limerick!

I hope to God your new knitter didn't tie up the sub either!

BeccaH said...

That little sock looks so great! Maybe the little knitter will teach the sub to knit?

Anonymous said...

You should make those for new babies, so cute!!!